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STOP! Before You Spend A Dime On Purchasing An Ionizer… Discover The Scams and Facts Here First!11

This is an honest and transparent review by an Enagic representative. Unlike most ionizer review sites which are deceptively owned and operated by competing ionizer makers yet advertised as unbiased third parties. Please do your due diligence in thoroughly researching the company and websites before choosing a brand.

What’s The Most Important Factor Of An Ionizer:  The Engine

Below are side by side Electrolysis engine comparisons.  Engine size is calculated as:

Plate Hight x Plate Width x 2 Sides x Number of Plates

As you can see the cost of an ionizer is greatly dependent on the size of the engine.  The size and structure of the engine are the most important factors when choosing an ionizer.

Brand ModelEnagic™ SD501Tyent™ MMP 9090 TurboEnagic™ DX2Tyent™ MMP 7070 TurboEnagic™ JR2Life™ 7700
Plate StructureSolidMeshSolidMeshSolidMesh
PLATE  SIZE7″x5″7″x3.5″7″x5″7″x3.5″7″x5″5″x3″
ENGINE SIZE490sqin441sqin350sqin343sqin210sqin210sqin

You only have 1 body… Don’t gamble with it on imitation devices .


1. The properties of ionized water and the price you pay for in an ionizer is primarily due to the ionizers engine: The Electrolysis Chamber and Plates which consists of platinum at a cost of over $1000 per ounce. 

2. Other companies don’t state their plate size on their own websites (the most important factor of an ionizer) because of obvious inferior sizes.

3. Smaller engines are designed with inefficient mesh plates to compensate with the reduced size of the plates themselves driving platinum costs down.

4. Plate size is purposely reduced to drive down production costs of Platinum and Titanium

5. Mesh plate technology was created to increase surface area to inferiorly small plates with the sacrifice of performance (mesh plates create non uniformity in the platinum coating process and create ‘pockets’ for hard water and unwanted material buildup)

6. Marketing ploys are designed to actually make you think that mesh plates are GOOD for you

7. Small electrolysis engines are packed in deceivingly large housings to hide the fact that the engine is only half the size

8. Many so called independent Ionizer review sites are actually owned by competing Ionizer companies

9. Marketing ploys insist that the SMPS power source is superior when in fact ALL SMPS ionizers overheat while the Enagic SD501 is the ONLY machine that NEVER overheats

As a 36yr strong company, Enagic relies on it’s unblemished reputation for superior products. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations and marketing tactics.

. . .See what reputable health officials and celebrities have to say about Kangen Water!! .

Steven Tyler

Not too long ago a rock and roll legend by the name of Steven Tyler was introduced to Kangen Water. He may have not fully understood the full mechanics behind Enagics products but he did notice 1 simple thing in which he states: “every time I go jogging after drinking Kangen Water, I come in 5 minutes faster” In another Interview with he says..

“Somehow a wineglass makes my Kangen Water taste better” Since then he’s been an avid drinker of Kangen Water and he’s currently assumed a new role as one of the judges of the wildly popular show ‘American Idol’ Since the news arised of the Aerosmith lead singers involvement with Kangen Water activity spread like wildfire

Pat Boone

One of the most recognized endorsements to the Enagic community is that of actor, singer, author and songwriter Pat Boone. Thanks to his heavily distributed promotional video exclusively created for Enagic distributors Pat Boone has become a houshold name within the Enagic community. Pats suave and sophisticated performance created a new level of professionalism to the everyday distributor. It truly was an evolution of the old kitchen presentation. 

Jillian Michaels

Even one of the leading experts in health and weight loss and butt kicking trainer of the famous television show ‘The Biggest Loser’, Jillian Michaels, endorses Kangen Water. Jillian is well known for her no nonsense approach to better health. And in a recent interview with Jillian says: See the full interview TH: What do you do on a daily basis that impacts both your health and the environment? JM: I have gone off the deep end on this. I find that when one has the knowledge and the means they have a responsibility to make the ethical choice. With regard to my diet, I always go organic. I shop at local farmers’ markets whenever possible. I have given up all animal products except for fish that has been ethically fished like ocean caught salmon, farmed arctic char, farmed trout, pacific cod, tilapia, crab, shrimp, and farmed oysters. I use all natural beauty products like Olive Oil, brown sugar for scrubs, avocado and ethical organic brands. My cleaning products are all green – and got rid of paper towels almost entirely and use rags instead. I use a Kangen Water® filter for drinking water and put in stainless steel canteens- NEVER bottled water!

Dr. Hiromi Shinya

Japanese-born gastroenterologist, clinical professor of surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University, head of the endoscopic center at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York; Vice-chairman of the Japanese Medical Association in the United States, and author of the International Health Best Seller ‘Enzyme Factor’, Dr. Shinya is the foremost recognizable health figure associated with Enagic and Kangen Water. He is most noted for inventing the electrosurgical polypectomy snare and pioneering todays modern colonoscopy procedure. Dr. Shinya has been a leading advocate of Kangen Water and has been administering Kangen Water for many years. Watch his Kangen Water treatment video below.
Don’t be fooled by imitations. Aside from Enagics proven 36 years of untarnished business history they have an equally reputable 8 year background of conducting business within the United States.