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Kangen Water vs. Purified Water: A Comparison of Quality and Health Benefits

 Drinking 7-8 glass of water goes on top of the list of good habits when we aim for healthier lifestyle. Most of us are already familiar with the purified water. It feels secure to drink purified water because it has been filtered and treated to ensure its safety. However, the emerging movement and hype to use kangen water on daily basis has also caught our eyes. Kangen water vs purified water..which one to choose ? which water is better and more necessary ? Is there really a possibility to get additional benefits of water and make it even more healthier by choosing a specific type of water ?This  is the exact issue we will be discussing below, but  before comparing benefits lets discuss few characteristics of both types of water.

Kangen water vs Purified water : Establishing the difference

Let’s break the characteristics of each type of water separately, to get grasp of the facts and have a better understanding of what we are talking about.

Kangen water

Kangen water is a type of water that has been ionized to increase its alkalinity to pH ranging between the levels of 8 to 9 , it also retains essential minerals like Ca+, Mg +, Na +, Zn + .  It’s important to note that regular tap water is neutral and haves a pH 7. It helps to neutralize the acidity of body and maintaining optimal alkaline pH of body. It helps to prevent or minimize the risk of certain diseases and illnesses. Basically,It is the water that’s been filtered to increase its pH level, making it less acidic. The process also involves adding minerals to the water rather than removing them. It has it’s characteristic taste which is somewhat sweet and other advantages.

kangen water vs purified water

Purified water

Purified water, on the other hand, is a type of water that has been filtered by filtering machine. Filtering water means removing impurities from its composition. It can be done by using filtering machines. Another way of purifying water is boiling it or going foe distilled water. Water impurities can be anything like dirt, harmful bacteria, parasites and others which can cause disease and adversely affect our health. Purified water is a necessity to live a disease free life. Purified water is neutral and not alkaline. Minerals in purified water are absent or a few.

 There are completely different methods in purifying the two types of water, which both result in a different product. we can clearly see that while comparing kangen water vs purified water, we are talking about two different water types. Each with their own benefits, but they significantly differ in terms of composition, pH ranges or alkalinity , process of formation and health benefits.

Kangen water vs Purified water: which one to choose ?

Now that we have understood characteristics of both type of waters. Its time to compare and choose between the two. Kangen water vs purified water, which suits our requirement more?

Why choose kangen water ?

 Choosing alkaline water will  bring a lot of benefits. First of all it maintains the optimal alkaline balance of our body which neutralizes the acidity in the body by increasing the pH level of tap water. Neutralizing acidity in the body, often caused by environmental impurities and an unbalanced diet, helps reduce the load from internal organs that work hard to eliminate a buildup of acid. It helps flushing the acidic waste out through urination. However it’s important to note that many more researches are needed to be conducted to proof the benefits which are being assumed.

Kangen water helps in detoxifying our body and also helps increasing blood oxygen transfer speed . it can be said that kangen water helps increasing mind alertness by refreshing our body. It also helps energizing us hence can be beneficial when taken before exercising or going to gym.

Another benefit of kangen water is that it retains the minerals unlike purified water. Minerals  in water are very important as  they protect the body system from harmful elements. Completely using pure water for a long time, can lead to mineral deficiency. For this reason, when using RO water purifiers in long run can be harmful to health.

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Why choose purified water ?

Purified water is used in more households and is way more popular than kangen water. It has no impurities and is a necessity to stay healthy as tap water is a bit unsuitable these days .We can say that purified water is better than kangen water for people with kidney conditions. The reason for this is that the high pH level of alkaline water doesn’t go well with this condition, and it can cause some degree of damage to kidney. Also purified water is very much required in today’s time of highly polluted water sources. This type of water helps preventing various parasitic, bacterial and other disease. we can say that this type of water bodes well for weak digestive systems.


At the end of the day we all are familiar with the loads of health benefits which come by drinking water.  Improving our skin, fastening our metabolism, helps in excreting waste the list goes on. But apart from being a basic need water can be more healthy a benefit brought by using kangen water. While more research is necessary to confirm the supposed benefits of kangen water, it has also proven itself in balancing our body pH to some extent. Purified water is another option of water which haves its own benefits. Both alkaline and purified water hold there own benefits when it comes to improving your health. One can’t go wrong with either one of them.