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Kangen Water Machine Leveluk SUPER 501

Rejuvenate and energize your body like never before by bringing Kangen Water Machine Leveluk SUPER 501 home. The top-of-the-line model is for heavy home usage and is apt for small businesses like restaurants, clinics, and cafes. The machine is very great if you want to produce a large amount of water daily due to the built-in tank for electrolysis enhancer, a water pressure regulating function with 7 and 5 electrode plates. Hose for Strong acidic and Strong kangen water is provided especially, for the daily need of water in large amounts.

Get access to five types of water (kangen, acidic, strongly alkaline, neutral, strongly acidic) with simple touching buttons and voice assistance. 

Key FeaturesOf Kangen Water Machine Leveluk SUPER 501

  • Kanger water machine leveluk SUPER 501 has  7+5 platinum-coated 99.97% pure titanium electrode that helps in providing higher negative ORP levels(upto -800mV) and better micro-clustering (better micro clustering, Smaller size of water molecules, better hydration ability of water).
  •  7 titanium plates are devoted to produce Strongly Acidic water and Strongly alkaline water, however, 5 plates are fitted to produce the other three types of water i.e. neutral, beauty water, and kangen water(pH-8-9).
  • Leveluk SUPER 501 is ideal for small-scale industries like clinics and cafes because it can generate up to 7 litre of water per minute for approximately 30 minutes in one go.
  • With a single touch operate the kangen water machine Leveluk SUPER 501, It is capable of generating 5 types of water –

a) Kangen water- pH between 8.5-9.5, for the purpose of daily drinking.

b) Strong Kangen water- pH of 11.5, for washing fruits and vegetables.

C) Beauty water- pH of 6.0, For better skincare and glow

d) Neutral water- Water with neutral pH for taking medicines.

e) Strong acidic water- pH of 2.5 to 3.5, for the purpose of cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Kangen water machine Leveluk SUPER 501 is fully automatic.
  • Automatic cleaning technology- The machine auto-cleans itself, from time to time.
  • The machine will provide a notification when it’s time to change filters. It is notified by the voice, buzzer sound, and displayed on LCD.

Description of Kangen Water Machine Leveluk SUPER 501

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Character Description
Electrode plates: 7 (for strong acidic and strong kangen) & 5 (for kangen, beauty and neutral) platinum coated 99.7% titanium plates with separated chamber
Plate size: 135 mm x 75 mm
Negative ORP:  -800 mV
pH Setting: 2.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5 and 11.5
Types of water: 5 types (Kangen, Clean, Beauty, Strong Acidic and Strong Kangen)
Wattage: 200 watt
Total weight:  10.1 kg
Dimensions: 352 mm x 384 mm x 250 mm
Production rate: (l/min) Kangen Water: 4.9 - 7.9 Acidic Water: 1.9 - 3.0 Strong Acidic water: 1.1 - 3.0
Ease of Use: Fully automatic, operate simply by touching buttons
Languages: English
Voice Guidance: No
Warranty: 3 years

Price, Installation, and Maintenance-

  • Kangen water machine Leveluk SUPER 501 comes with an affordable price of 4,95,000. The Kangen water machine is a certified medical device in Japan.
  • After buying the machine, it gets registered in your name and delivered to your door steps.
  • The package delivered has a machine along with every other thing needed to install it. Hose, various facet adapters, pH tester along with directions to use booklet is provided.
  • The machine is very easy to install and can be installed in mere 15 minutes, after a few minutes of installation, you can get the alkaline or any type of water you choose.
  • This Kangen water machine can last for as long as 25 years and even more, with proper maintenance and care. The machine self-cleans itself periodically.